.TWIXTlab: art, anthropology & the everyday

* twixt: shortened version of betwixt, which means in between, neither the one not the other. The social anthropologist Victor Turner used the phrase betwixt and between in order to characterize the intermediate out of three stages of the rite of passage as ultimate transitional, subversive and creative moment of societies’ lifetime.



TWIXTlab is situated between and betwixt contemporary art, anthropology and social reality. It adopts the form of a laboratory in order to propose or to support interventions in everyday life. It proposes art and research projects, seminars, workshops, screenings, presentations, discussions etc.. TWIXTlab’s activities address anyone wishing to participate without any prerequisites on background knowledge of contemporary art and/or anthropology.

TWIXTlab was initiated in February 2014 at Koukaki, Athens, based on an idea by Elpida Rikou. Between September 2014-July 2023 TWIXTlab was based in Pangrati, Athens, and today it functions online, and is hosted in other spaces, among which is or.artspace. Since June 2015 it is a non-profit civil partnership. Members: Elpida Rikou (PhD, anthropologist, visual artist), Sofia Grigoriadou (PhD candidate, visual artist, anthropologist, language educator), Giorgos Samantas (MA, anthropologist, sound designer), and Eugenia Vacalopoulou (BA, natural scientist).

TWIXTlab logo was designed by Io Chaviara.