Feldenkrais ATM® lessons

A series of 6 lessons from 13th November to 18th December, on Wednesdays 7:30 – 8:45, organized by Eve Ganeau

The number of participants is limited. Please book in advance.

Drop-in 10€ / Inscription for all 6 classes 52€
TWIXTlab membership card holders drop-in 8€ / for all 6 classes 45€

Please bring comfortable and warm clothing as well as a yoga mat or blanket to lay onto

Lessons will be taught in English

SPIRAL MOVEMENTS – A series of 6 lessons

Spirals are embedded in every level of our being, from our DNA to the structure of our bones, ligaments and muscles. A movement rarely happens on a single plan because most of the muscles in our body are organised to have fibres aligned in diagonals, which spiral around the joints to wrap the torso and the limbs from top to bottom.

This structure is the source of our power and agility, giving us the freedom to bend, twist, turn and rotate around our central axis or around any point in space. It is what powers all of our locomotor patterns, everything from crawling to swimming, walking, running and climbing. It is also what gives us stability, the ability to maintain an upright central axis, or to resist any forces which might bend or twist or turn us in some way that we don’t want.

With this series of 6 lessons, we will learn to feel these spirals, take advantage of them in order to refine gestures of our everyday and find efficiency, pleasure and ease in movement.

“To make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.“

Mosche Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais® group classes are known as Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) lessons using slow, mindful movements to achieve powerful effects in terms of strength, flexibility, and holistic integration of body and mind. These lessons tie directly into functional movements of daily life, such as walking efficiently, safely lifting objects, and improving one’s posture in sitting or standing.

What are the benefits?

• Relief from tension and muscular pain
• Easier and fuller breathing
• Greater relaxation and well-being
• Improved performance in sport, dance, music and drama
• Greater ease in everyday activities
• Increased vitality

Lessons take place lying on the floor, or sometimes sitting. You will be guided through a sequence of movements that works like a physical riddle. Each new movement is repeated and explored, enabling you to become familiar with it, and to begin to play with unaccustomed movement relationships. By engaging your curiosity, gently and at your own rate, you learn to explore your internal sensation. You learn to use this awareness to release chronic patterns of tension and create new movement possibilities.