One-off events, workshops, and hostings

January 5, 2017

Concept: Silja Kauppinen & Harriet Rabe
Performance: Harriet Rabe & Fabian Rose



Em/Power the Co embodied bodies of togetherness

by Stefanie Felber


(hosting MIDEN video art festival, May 6-7)


(hosting the exhibition of the initiative “Mnemosine – Identity Cycles”, by Hellenic Youth Participation)




Long-term seminars

«Όλος ο κόσμος είναι μια σκηνή»

with Despoina Sarafeidou


Audio-Visual Anthropology practice

with Arjang Omrani


Μουσική Πληροφορική / Music Technology

with Andromachi Vrakatseli


Ακουστική Οικολογία / Acoustic Ecology

with Dana Papachristou, Yorgos Samantas, Sofia Grigoriadou



Painting, with Sofia Grigoriadou, Elpida Rikou


Σχετικά με την τροφή / About food

with Dimitra Kodylatou, Elpida Rikou


Ζωγράφοι της Κυριακής / Sunday Painters

with Elpida Rikou



Parallel actions:

In early 2016, TWIXTlab has initiated the Learning from Documenta research project. Throughout 216-17, Elpida Rikou has been co-coordinating, and most of its members were involved in fieldwork and organizational issues with the research. More info on the respective page: http://learningfromdocumenta.org/about/